How does a guy feel when you block him?

How does a guy feel when you block him

Blocking a person usually have some severe impact on boys.  Even though it seems like the boyfriend that is a serious or angry man-like look, he could be moved by this action! I feel that blocking someone immaturely is one way people try to escape having an honest talk which isn’t productive for either party involved.

Women have found that threatening their boyfriends with a threat of blocking them; can be an effective way of getting them back on track. Whether you’ve been fighting about one particular issue over and over, he seems not to budge or she wants a firmer hand in marriage–a threat like “I’m going to block you from now until ____” might just do the trick!

To answer the query; How does a guy feel when you block him is mysteries due to men’s different nature. Yet, Here we shortlist some common reactions you can expect from your boyfriend.

How does a guy feel when you block him 7 Important Signs

He feels puzzled

When you block your boyfriend, the first thing that strikes his mind is why does she do that? What did I do? Especially when she takes this step suddenly without any reason.

He’ll search through every detail to figure out what could have upset or hurt your feelings- whether because he was aware of some past transgression on his part or not.

If he does happen to be one of those types who gets obsessive about these things then chances are good this will spiral into something much more serious for both parties involved.

 This would make things even worse than before as now there’d likely still exist deep scars from their obsession over trying to apologize again just so everything goes back how

He’d feel like he lost somebody

When a person blocks you, it’s like they lost somebody. The feeling is similar to what we feel when the people in our lives just stop talking or contacting us for no reason at all and there are some downsides to getting used to having these continuous communication breaks with someone whom you love.  It left a space inside where your friend should be; especially as time goes on!


He doesn’t even need to be aware of what exactly he did in the past, all it takes is one thought process for him to feel guilty. He might not know why you’re mad at him or how far his actions have gone but just knowing that whatever happened has hurt us enough will fill every man with shame and guilt

Shake his confidence

If a man cares about you, it will hurt his ego when the woman he loves seems to have no time for him. The lack of attention from your side could make him think something is wrong with who he really is and if not mentally strong enough in other areas too; as long as this goes unchecked there’s always room for more doubts plastered across every inch inside that poor guy!


Anger is an emotional response to the perceived threat. Whether the guy was guilty of what you think he did or not, he will be angry that instead of talking it out with him, you jumped to conclusions and blocked his number- which leads me to my next point.


If you broke up with him, blocking his number may be the hurtful thing to do. It will make things more difficult for him and even if he has apologized to get back with you-blocking doesn’t work as an apology.


It’s not surprising that he might go into a frenzy when you’re still in love with him or have feelings for each other. Men are always more emotional than women, and if your ex-boyfriend cares about this relationship he’ll likely be contacting any friends of yours that might know where they can reach out to (or even try calling).

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Does blocking someone help you get over them?

After a very painful breakup, it’s important to know when blocking your ex is the best and whether or not you can feel better. I spoke with prominent couples’ therapist Dr Gary Brown about this topic for Elite Daily.
I asked him “can social media blocking help?” He responded: ‘”Blocking an ex on Facebook after breaking up? Sure thing! In fact, doing so may just make getting over them easier.”

What is the psychology behind blocking someone?

It is important to tell them that you don’t want any more messages or contact from them. It could also help if they are trying your patience so much, then blocking their number might be an option for handling this issue as well!

Is it OK to block love someone?

It is important to be kind and loving in a break-up. Keep your ex happy, or at least try! Tell them that the relationship is over if they still want it; blocking them will make sure you communicate clearly about what cannot happen between two people who are friends/family members online.

Is it rude to block a guy?

No, it is not rude. It may sound cold-hearted but there have been times where men were just too much for you so instead of letting their crap affect your life better to block them.


I hope you enjoyed reading through this list, I’d love to hear your views. Which one was the most persuasive argument? Why did it make an impression on YOU and not him/her!!

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